We are always looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Trade shows give us an amazing opportunity to do so, and we appreciate the time we get to spend with you. Please see a list of shows we visit annually, and check back periodically to get the latest updates. See you at the show!

MAGIC MARKET WEEK is the most comprehensive global marketplace for apparel, footwear, and accessories. Each February and August, MAGIC MARKET WEEK unites the largest network of buyers, brands, media, and decision makers in Las Vegas at distinct show areas

FAME is the Junior/Young Contemporary show where retailers discover the best quality resources at great margins. It is all encompassed by an upbeat vibe generating the most positive and productive marketplace possible. Footwear flourishes on the show floor to complete the season’s must-have looks in this one-stop shopping environment. Fun, fresh and exciting – this is a marketplace full of fast fashion and cool trends.


Dallas Market Show | August 8-12 | Dallas Market Center, TX| Booth #3200

MAGIC | August 14-16 | Las Vegas Convention Center, NV | Booth #70024

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