We're excited to bring you our weekly live show where you can see the products in action (with details you may not be able to see from the pictures). Our weekly live shows will be hosted on our members-only Facebook group. Please click here to register. Make sure you answer all the prompts.

Take one step further and register on CommentSold so you can actually purchase the items we're showing during the Live. Registration is fast and free! Go to monob.commentsold.com and then just follow these instructions:

And, here're the most important things:

  1. The code to purchase during live is: sold style ratio color. The code must be typed in the correct format, otherwise your order won't go through.
  2. The style number, ratio (regular size, B-pack, or plus-size), and colors will be shown on the screen during live.
  3. If you see an item you like (example: 100, in Sage, in XS pack), just comment "sold 100 xs sage" without the quote mark. See example in the picture below.
  4. If you made a mistake when purchasing an item by commenting (for example, "sold 200 xs sage" instead of "sold 100 xs sage", you can still edit your cart before checking out.
  5. When the Live is over, or when you're ready to make a purchase, go to your cart on CommentSold and check out. We'd recommend confirming the purchase as soon as possible because you need to check out the item. Commenting "sold" doesn't mean it's automatically purchased.
  6. We have limited quantity on the styles we show. If an item is sold out, you can still purchase through CommentSold and your order will be placed on the waiting list. If you miss out, you may be able to purchase it on the website, unless it's an exclusive style for CommentSold.
  7. Make sure you have your Facebook Messenger turned on. The link to check out your cart will be sent through your Facebook Messenger. You'll have five hours to complete the order, or the item will be given to another buyer.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can't wait to see you on our Live session soon!