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  1. Retrospectacular: the Rise of Vintaged Wash

    Back in 1937, James Laver, a fashion theorist/historian who was also the curator for Victoria and Albert Museum in London from the 1930s to 1950s, came up with Laver's Law, to help understand the fashion trend lifecycle:

    10 years before its time: Indecent
    5 years before its time: Shameless
    1 year before its time: Outre (Daring)
    Current fashion: Smart
    1 year after its time: Dowdy
    10 years after its time: Hideous
    20 years after its time: Ridiculous
    30 years after its time: Amusing
    50 years after its time: Quaint
    70 years after its time: Charming
    100 years after its time: Romantic
    150 years after its time: Beautiful

    And yet, with social media and the era of fast fashion, this trend lifecycle feels like a moot point. This is why we see vintaged-look making a comeback, and not because it's ironic.

    Two trends that we keep seeing are tie-dye and mineral wash.

    Tie-dye has been around for centuries with the earliest surviving examples from pre-Columbian era in Peru dating back between 500 to 810 AD. It's part of a dyeing process called resist-dyeing, preventing the dye from evenly reaching all parts of the cloth. This resistance is conceived through wax, mud or starch paste, tying/stitching (also called shibori), or chemical agent that will repel another dye. The Indonesian batik and tie-dye are the most famous examples of resist-dyeing.

    Tye-dyeing technique was first introduced to the US in early 1900s by Professor Charles E. Pellow of Columbia University. Pellow accquired tie-dyed muslins and subsequently gave a lecture about tie-dye.

    But tie-dying itself rise to a meteoric level in 1964. Don Price, who worked as a marketer at the dye company Rit, advised Rit to replace the box powders with squeezable liquid dyes, to create multicolor designs easier. When Price heard about Woodstock, he sponsored artist to produce several hundred tie-dye t-shirts to be sold at the festival. The tie-dye trend, with its swirly pattern and bold, bright, contrasting colors, was naturally embraced by the counterculture art psychedelia, and the rest is fashion history.

    The reason why tie-dye became so popular is because it's relatively easy to create (especially with the commercialization of pigments like the ones Rit produces), and no two pieces are the same.

    Today's culture emphasizes on uniqueness, and tie-dye has gone to a new level through the hands of fashion artists. You can still find brilliant colors clashing with one another, but most of the modern tie-dye garments are monochromatic and feature soft, pastel colors.

    Just like no two tie-dye pieces are the same, no two mineral-washed garments turn out the exact copies either.

    To understand mineral wash, we first need to look at stone wash and acid wash. Stone washing is exactly as it sounds like. A garment is put inside a rotating washing machine with special stones like volcanic stones. These porous stones abrade the garment which it hit, leaving pronounced markes especially near the edges and exposed areas like the seams.

    Although it became very popular in the punk scene in the 80s, acid wash began in the 60s and was the trend amongst surfers. It uses the same basic techniques (and props) as stone wash, but the stones are first soaked in potassium permanganate solution and then sun-dried. The stones are porous enough to be still carry the solution even when they're dry. Acid washing makes the abrasion look even more prominent in a shorter time than stone washing.

    Mineral wash uses the solution, but instead of volcanic stones, foam is used. The result is a fainter, softer vintaged look without damaging the garment's fibers.

    It's been approximately thirty to forty years since the height of popularity of both tie-dye and mineral wash. According to Laver's Law, this means these washes are currently in the Amusing phase and moving on to Quaint. However, judging from how quickly both mineral-washed and tie-dyed Mono B items are sold out, it's safe to say that these trends are are still very, very popular.

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  2. Mono B is now on CommentSold!

    We're excited to bring you our weekly live show where you can see the products in action (with details you may not be able to see from the pictures). Our weekly live shows will be hosted on our members-only Facebook group. Please click here to register. Make sure you answer all the prompts.

    Take one step further and register on CommentSold so you can actually purchase the items we're showing during the Live. Registration is fast and free! Go to and then just follow these instructions:

    And, here're the most important things:

    1. The code to purchase during live is: sold style ratio color. The code must be typed in the correct format, otherwise your order won't go through.
    2. The style number, ratio (regular size, B-pack, or plus-size), and colors will be shown on the screen during live.
    3. If you see an item you like (example: 100, in Sage, in XS pack), just comment "sold 100 xs sage" without the quote mark. See example in the picture below.
    4. If you made a mistake when purchasing an item by commenting (for example, "sold 200 xs sage" instead of "sold 100 xs sage", you can still edit your cart before checking out.
    5. When the Live is over, or when you're ready to make a purchase, go to your cart on CommentSold and check out. We'd recommend confirming the purchase as soon as possible because you need to check out the item. Commenting "sold" doesn't mean it's automatically purchased.
    6. We have limited quantity on the styles we show. If an item is sold out, you can still purchase through CommentSold and your order will be placed on the waiting list. If you miss out, you may be able to purchase it on the website, unless it's an exclusive style for CommentSold.
    7. Make sure you have your Facebook Messenger turned on. The link to check out your cart will be sent through your Facebook Messenger. You'll have five hours to complete the order, or the item will be given to another buyer.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can't wait to see you on our Live session soon!

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  3. New-Normal Guidelines at Dallas Market Center Show (August 2020)

    We're excited to see familiar faces and new faces at the Dallas Market Center this August. Although we'll only see about half your faces since masks are required to enter the exhibition building and our booth.

    Here are the necessary precautions Mono B is taking to ensure you and our representatives stay safe during the trade show and that you leave with a positive experience.

    1. This year, so you won't feel rushed, you won't need an appointment to go to our booth. Please allocate enough time to and from your other appointments.
    2. Wear a mask at all times (this means no eating or drinking whilst in the booth). This is mandated by Dallas County.
    3. Respect each other's personal space.
    4. We'll have three Mono B representatives who will be working on the floor. Each representative will accommodate only a certain number of buyers at the same time.
    5. Disinfectants will be made available at the booth. We require you to disinfect your hands before entering the booth and we recommend you disinfect them as you leave.
    6. Mono B reserves the right to refuse service. The only way we can keep doing trade shows is if everyone complies with the rules.

    Please click here to read what steps the Dallas Market Center organizer has taken to ensure our safety during the show.

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  4. New Fabric Alert: TACTEL® Microfiber for Mono B Activewear

    After its success with Mono B BRONZE (the pure-performance activewear line featuring items made of Lycra® and Supplex® or another blend of Lycra) and Mono B GREEN (with 100% recycled polyester or 100% recycled nylon mixed with another fiber), Mono B now introduces TACTEL® to its core activewear line.

    Produced by Invista, the maker of Lycra, TACTEL is a nylon 66 microfiber that dries eight times faster than cotton. It's also at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most fabrics. The suppleness and softness of TACTEL help minimize chafing. Two other important aspects of TACTEL are its breathability and noticeable strength.

    As with other nylon fibers, TACTEL is hygroscopic. It absorbs moisture out of the air or out of its surrounding (such as our skin). The higher the humidity, the faster nylon will absorb moisture, until it becomes saturated. When exposed to dryer air, the moisture will evaporate and the fiber will dry out.

    All these traits make TACTEL an ideal microfiber to use in activewear.

    TACTEL activewear items are now available for Mono B's first 3D animal print jacquard line, available in 3D Giraffe and 3D Leopard (such as APH8039-Natural and the matching sports bra AT8040-Natural, in the picture to the left). The raised outer surface of the item creates a unique sensation. The leggings (in all lengths) also have an inner lining whose color matches the outer shell, so you can move with more freedom.

    Click here to start exploring our TACTEL items, or type in "TACTEL" in the search bar.

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  5. We've reopened!

    As the state of California has begun its phase 2 in reopening the economy, we'd like to let you know that we're also back in operations. The health and safety of our staff and customers remain the most important aspects and so, here are some things we ask you to understand regarding the new-normal situation:

    1. We've minimized delays in processing your order (now it's between one and three business days, on average).
    2. We're still working on processing your returns (whether you've returned the items or just started the claim).
    3. The warehouse is still not open for pick-ups.
    4. We aren't responsible for lost or delayed packages at consolidation drop-offs. Please check with your consolidating company whether it's open for business.
    5. Most mail carriers are still putting the signature delivery feature on hold. Please make sure you put the correct shipping address.

    Thank you for understanding. We're excited to reopen and speaking to you once again. Together, we'll #reclaimfashion.

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  6. You're Our Heroes! (Update on Covid-19 Operational Hours)

    Los Angeles has extended its Safer-at-Home order until May 15. This means, Mono B is complying by limiting its operations till this date (or until further notice).

    Some of our Covid-19 policies remain unchanged.

    There will be a delay in processing your order (three to seven business days).

    We no longer open our warehouse for pick-ups and we no longer deliver for consolidation.

    We no longer ship internationally.

    We've also extended our returns window two fourteen days but we're not able to process new returns at the moment. If you need to make a return or missing claim, please fill out the Returns Authorization Form (RMA) and we will process it once our offices have fully reopened. You can find the link to our RMA and returns policy on our returns policy page.

    We've also started a new Facebook Group for verified members only where we drop Digital Style Preview videos. Each video contains several styles that you can see in motion. We hope this will somewhat satisfy your need for going to trade shows or our showroom in LA's Fashion district.

    Thank you for understanding. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe.

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  7. Digital Style Preview 4/10 RECAP

    We just had the world-premiere of our Digital Style Preview on April 10 and we thank you for the responses. Many of you are asking for the availability and more description of the styles. Well, here's the recap with the complete breakdown. 

    Don't forget, sneak-peek clips will be released on our Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter, whilst full clips will be dropped on our members-only Facebook Group page. Please join the group if you haven't done so.

    Our model is 5'5" and wears sample size S.

    AT2821: Snow Leopard Striped Band Sports Bra
    APH2820: Snow Leopard Striped Band Highwaist Leggings (will also be available in XS:S:M pack)
    81% nylon, 19% spandex.
    PREORDER: ETA May/June 2020

    APH2820 and the matching sports bra, AT2821 were made with the exclusive Snow Leopard print 2.0 and have cherry-red stripe accent.
    We've done quite a few items with striped waist band and they've been selling well. This one reminds us of the bolder, Snow Jaguar highwaist leggings with glittery golden band from F/W 2019 (one of our all-time best-sellers, BTW).

    KT11428: Twisted Front Gathered Back Athleisure Crop Top

    Available colors: Black, Medium Mocha, White
    50% cotton, 50% modal.
    PREORDER: ETA May/June 2020

    Extra breathable (made using cotton-modal blend), we'd recommend wearing this top as a coverup for your Mono B (or any kind of) sports bra, whether before, during, or after working out. Although it's a crop top, the silhouette is still long enough to cover your tummy (especially if you're wearing a pair of highwaist leggings). The twisted front and the gathered back cinch the waist for a flattering look.

    AT2770: Contrast Stitch Raglan Crop Shirt
    APH2771: Splice Colorblock Highwaist Leggings with Contrast Seams (also available in XS:S:M pack)
    88% polyester, 12% spandex.

    This set reminds us of Tron. It's so futuristic. The contrast stitching on both the top and the leggings are designed to create a slimming silhouette.

    AT2868: Ribbed Twist Accent Racerback Sports Bra
    87% nylon, 13% spandex.

    APH2704: Melange Essential Highwaist Leggings (also available in XS:S:M pack)
    87% polyester, 13% spandex.

    Following the twisted-front theme, the AT2868 racer sports bra was made using all-over ribbed fabric and has a cut-out accent on the front with a twisted stitch.

    Black does go with everything, and we pair this with our melange pastel leggings (APH2704) for a contrast look. Like all our essential leggings, this pair doesn't come with any embellishment, only the necessary discreet pouch inside the waist band and two side pockets.

    KT11396: Dip-Dye Ombre Drop-Sleeve Crop Top
    52% cotton, 48% polyester.

    If tie-dye is a little bit too much for you, opt for the dip-dye. This finish is so subtle and adds a dash of character to the apparel. Layer it over your leggings and sports bra or sweatpants for a truly comfortable wear that's video-call friendly.

    APH8005: Mono B GREEN Overlay Mesh Pocket Highwaist Leggings (also available in XS:S:M pack)
    AVAILABLE NOW: Cantaloupe, Moss Green
    Preorder colors: Black, Dejavu, Natural 10, Pepper Corn/PREORDER: ETA August/September 2020
    80% recycled polyester, 20% spandex.

    One of our best-selling Mono B GREEN leggings, this pair was made with post-consumer recycled polyester (click here to see the lifecycle of recycled polyester and nylon). Shown here are APH8005 in Cantaloupe, for a bright and different take on pastel pink.

    KT11387: Essential Athleisure Tiger-Dye Crop Shirts
    58% cotton, 38% modal, 4% spandex.
    Tie-dye is making a comeback! (But has it truly ever left?) This striped tie-dye athleisure shirt features a blend of white, grey, and dark grey tones with peach to break the monochromatic look and infuse a dash of the trending Spring/Summer 2020 color.

    KT11409: Twist Front Crop Athleisure Tank Top
    Available colors: Black, Medium Mocha, White
    50% cotton, 50% modal.

    With overlaying twist front and sleeveless design, this slightly cropped muscle tank is the perfect and versatile accompaniment to both your active and couch lifestyles. The cotton-modal blend makes the fabric breathable even for when you're working out at home.

    APH826: Pale Snake Highwaist Capri Leggings (also available in XS:S:M pack)
    75% polyester, 25% spandex.

    It doesn't matter how many snake prints we have, we can never get enough! There's something magical and primal about snakes and reptiles, and some people attribute this to the way they move and how close they always stay to the ground.

    We started our line of snake prints in Holiday 2018 and they've been best (and fast) sellers. This one, made using the Mono B exclusive Pale Snake print, is almost gone as well.

    Sneak-peek clips will be released on our Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter, whilst full clips will be dropped on our members-only Facebook Group page.

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  8. New Feature: Digital Style Preview!

    Since it looks like we won't be going to trade shows any time soon (or opening the showroom), we've decided to showcase our styles digitally.

    Sneak-peek clips will be released on our Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter, whilst full clips will be dropped on our members-only Facebook Group page.

    We hope this will at least give you a sense of how the clothes look like in motion.

    Stay safe, everyone!

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  9. Going Out? Tips on How to Stay Safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    The safety guidelines to minimize the risk of Covid-19 exposure call for staying in. Whether you're an outdoorsy person or a homebody, this can be a challenge. Humans are social creatures. We're designed to interact, and nothing beats actual interaction in real life, and by real life, we mean non-digitally. Social gatherings have been banned (rightly so) and social distancing is the new norm.

    Across Los Angeles, where Mono B is located, many parks and hiking trails have been closed to discourage people from clustering in groups. Working out at home is acceptable, at least when gyms and HIIT studios are reopened, your body won't be too shocked and sore. But we still need sunshine (even if we take Vitamin D supplements) and with businesses and schools being closed, the air has become less polluted.

    In fact, in LA, the last time the ozone level reached unhealthy levels was back in February. Thanks to the rain and less traffic, the sky and the air have become clearer. This is excellent news since poor air quality has been linked to worse Covid-19 cases.

    Although most states have closed national parks and beaches, they encourage you to rediscover your neighborhood. So fill your lungs with clean(er) air and get that sunshine on you, but don't forget these pointers:

    Practice social distancing

    The six-feet of distance guide is based on studies of respiratory physiology. Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University says, "Without a cough or a sneeze, if we exhale, the distance 3 to 6 feet from each other is called the breathing zone. And it's in that kind of volume of air that what I exhale begins to mix with the air that's already in the room."

    If you're standing within three to six feet of a person, you may inhale what that person exhales. And if you're infected, what you exhale contains the virus.

    Pay close attention to your surroundings

    This is important not just during the pandemic, but also whenever you're out and about. Don't glue your eyes to your phone. You may have earbuds in when you're jogging or commuting, but at least look in front and around you.

    Make way whenever possible (aka don't hog the sidewalk)

    Most joggers and bicyclists don't have the luxury of running or cycling on car-free roads. Joggers mostly run on sidewalks, and most sidewalks aren't six feet wide. When you see another jogger coming towards you, be sure to keep your distance. If this means you'll need to get off the sidewalk and onto the street, check your surroundings first for vehicles and cyclists.

    Also, make sure to wait at a good distance away from a crosswalk.

    Don't touch that crosswalk button

    If you absolutely must, push the button with your elbow or bump it with your hip. If the button is too tiny, you can try to push it with the edge of your phone.

    Don't touch your face (or your head)

    Minimize contact between your hand and your face. This may be difficult when you want to wipe that sweat or adjust your glasses or headphones. Instead of your hand, try to do it with your upper arm.

    Sanitize afterward

    Clean your phone and other paraphernalia using disinfectant or alcohol. If you have access to a washing machine, you can wash your clothes right away. If you don't or would rather wait to have a fuller wash load, please separate the clothes and put them inside a water-proof garment bag. until you're ready to wash them.

    Click here for tips on how to do your laundry during the pandemic.

    Click here for list of products that can be used to combat the novel coronavirus.

    Listen to your body

    Drink plenty of water. Wear sunblock before going out into the sun. Apart from exercising, resting is also key to staying healthy. If you feel unwell, stay inside. Don't forget to cough and sneeze into your elbow or into a disposable tissue.

    Listen to your healthcare officials

    This global pandemic is an unprecedented and trying time. Researchers and scientists are working around the clock to find a vaccine and minimize the virus from spreading. That means there's new information almost hourly. Stay informed and keep your eyes and ears on reputable sources. Don't buy into the panic. What we do will make a difference.

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  10. Mono B Is Temporarily Closed Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to comply with the new Safer-at-Home guidelines announced by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, we're temporarily suspending all our operations (both at the showroom and the e-commerce team) starting from March 21 until April 19 or until further notice.

    When you place an order on our site or on other platforms, your card (or PayPal) will not be charged until the items are ready to be shipped out to you. As such, rest assured all unprocessed orders have not yet been charged.

    If you'd like to cancel an order, please send us an email to Make sure to have your order number ready. Please be aware that there will be a delay in the response. Otherwise, we'll process the orders chronologically with a priority fast-track for our VIP members once we reopen.

    VIP customers: we've suspended your monthly subscription, but your VIP account remains active. You will not be charged on your next billing cycle (April 2020). We will resume the monthly billing on the first day of the month of reopening (eg: if we reopen on April 20, your monthly VIP membership will begin on May 1, 2020). Please also contact us by email to should you wish to cancel your VIP subscription. If you subscribe using PayPal, you can cancel your subscription by logging into your PayPal account.

    The health and safety of our employees and customers are our main priority. We hope you, your loved ones, and those around you stay safe. This is an unprecedented and deeply trying time, but together, we will emerge victoriously and #ReclaimFashion.

    We will keep you updated through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all @monobclothing) and the Mono B blog, as well as through email.

    Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to servicing you once again.

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